The entirely baffling failure of his visionary bee release business for fancy people weddings and corporate events looming large in his fractured psyche after promptly dropping out of sound art school in 2008, Theo Karon surrendered his last scrap of sanity to the mercurial tides of the Chicago art music underground. Keeping warm by hauling an analog "mobile" recording rig in and out of various squats, friend's basements and abandoned churches, Theo soon found himself helming recording sessions for emerging projects including legendary psych-drone pioneers Pillars and Tongues and some of the earliest work of Angel Olsen, working out of tape-centric studios Minbal and Electrical Audio, and mixing FOH at diverse venues, from the ignominiously horrifying Ronny's Billiards to local institutions like the Empty Bottle.

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles in 2012, Theo began working at Kingsize Soundlabs, where he spent several years honing his craft with the help and mentorship of vaunted music workers Rob Schapf, Dave Trumfio and Aaron Espinoza. Theo learned to use the god damned computer, cutting records with producers like Mike Mogis, M Ward and Sonny DiPerri as well as a wide range of artists including revival glam rockers Foxygen, composer Julia Holter and R&B legend Mavis Staples before ultimately moving on to realize his dream: a microwave oven which gleefully renders anything placed inside of it into cans of plain, room temperature tuna in lukewarm water. No, no, we're kidding! It's a recording studio called Hotel Earth, which Theo built with his own arms and face.

Theo has maintained an active presence as a composer, performer and touring musician throughout his career, most recently as half of XFER IRIS with Rick Farin, and is deeply invested in maintaining a living relationship with music. Technical acumen has its utility but the mainline back to the Idiot Part remains sacrosanct. Theo's attention to detail and consistency in realizing his clients' very strangest ambitions result in the creation of truly stunning and uncompromisingly artful documents of music and sound.

The bees abide.